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EU asks Serbia to recognize Kosovo The EU has asked Serbia this Wednesday a direct recognition of Kosovo. Serbian newspaper "Novosti" writes today, that th
Majko: Serbia seeks association in Kosovo, but Albanians in Serbia ... Former Albanian Prime Minister Pandeli Majko is unhappy with the policy of Kosovo in relation to Serbia. While also has
Dacic goes insane, Kosovo equals ISIS Foreign minister of Serbia, Ivica Dacic lost his mind when he compared Kosovo to ISIS. He said that Kosovo's membership
Nikolic says Kosovo is Serbia in his UN speech After the Serbian People's Party, President Tomislav Nikolic has reacted regarding Kosovo's membership in UNESCO. He
Albania and Serbia clash over Kosovo at the UN In his speech at the National Assembly of the UN, Prime minister Edi Rama insisted on Kosovo's recognition by Serbia. Wh
"Provokacija!" Greece will support Kosovo Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias, during a meeting in New York with Mustafa and Hashim Thaci, said that Greece will
Dacic: Kosovo's membership in UNESCO to be discussed after talks in Brussels Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Serbia, Ivica Dacic, said that the Belgrade government should ask UNESCO t
The independence of Kosovo, a done deal President of the Serbian Liberal Democratic Party Cedomir Jovanovic has stated that "the state of Kosovo is an irreversi
Serbs: Albania fears Albanians from Kosovo and Macedonia 8th October, the day of the historic match between Albania and Serbia is approaching. Serbian media report today that th
Germany declares Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia safe countries German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the governors of the 16 states or lands of Germany, agreed to measures aimed at rest
Lunacek slams opposition for egging Mustafa Rapporteur for Kosovo in the European Parliament, Ulrike Lunacek has criticized the actions of the opposition, stressing
Thaci: Russia poses a threat to the Balkans Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci said in an interview to the Austrian newspaper "Die P
Mustafa egged in the Parliament An incident occurred in the Kosovo's Parliament during today's sitting. Prime Minister Mustafa after starting his report
Albania and Kosovo forgot the Presevo Valley Presevo Valley is being emptied daily by Albanians. Residents say they are discriminated by the Serbian politics and lef
UEFA accepts Kosovo's request for membership Kosovo's request to join the UEFA was accepted and delegated to the Congress, which will be held on March 23rd, 2016 in
Çollaku: Visa liberalization for Kosovo in 2016 Minister for European Integration, Bekim Çollaku, said today that soon Kosovo will enjoy a free movement to the Schengen
US lifts visa regime for some citizens of Kosovo The US Embassy in Kosovo, has announced that citizens of Kosovo who have a B1 / B2, C, D, C1 / D, I, F, M or J visa and
Serbia closes border with Kosovo as Medvedja votes Today in Medvedja are being held the extraordinary local elections, and media reported that all polling stations have op
Serbia will fight Kosovo's membership in UNESCO Since Albania has sent an official request to the Executive Council of UNESCO for Kosovo's membership in the agency, For
Jahjaga thanks Basha and the DP for supporting Kosovo Democratic Party leader Lulzim Basha said that concrete action is needed for cooperation between Albania and Kosovo. He