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5 opposition MPs free from house arrest One month ago, on February 20th, MPs Fisnik Ismaili, Pal Lekaj, Albulena Haxhiu, Besa Baftiu and Donika Kadaj Bujupi wer
Dominon Mercedez, Hamilton e nis me "pole positions" Mercedes rinis aty ku e la vitin e kaluar, duke dominuar provat zyrtare në Formula 1. Lewis Hamilton, kampioni i Botë
Parliament rejects DP's request on Suli's term UPDATE- The Parliament has rejected DP's request to send to the Constitutional Court the term of MP Rakip Suli. Its requ
Thaci to be sworn in without the opposition President Hashim Thaci will swear in the Parliament's session of April 7th, but there will be present only the members o
The opposition will not block the Parliament Minutes before the beginning of the plenary sitting, the majority has accepted two conditions of the opposition. Speaker
The opposition and the majority reach agreement on decriminalization The Council of Mandates and Regulations in the Albanian Parliament has accepted the DP proposals regarding the decrimina
Opposition continues boycotting the Parliament The opposition boycotted again the work of the parliamentary commissions, while the majority approved the bill on exprop
Basha: Our focus, decriminalization and free elections After meeting with his allies, the DP leader, Lulzim Basha, said that his priority remains decriminalization and free el
Hashim Thaci is the new president of Kosovo UPDATE: Hashim Thaci has been elected the new president of Kosovo. He was elected in the third round, after the first tw
Opposition MPs block today's plenary sitting Today's plenary sitting was accompanied by a tense situation. After the speech of Edi Paloka, the head of the parlia
Haradinaj calls for elections on March 7th President of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj is confident that the country will go to early elec
Prosecutor demands 30 days in jail for Opposition MPs Prosecution in Kosovo has demanded 30 days in prison for opposition MPs Pal Lekaj, Donika Kadaj, Besa Baftiu and Albulen
6 opposition MPs arrested for illegal possession of firearms Kosovo Police along with Teuta Haxhiu has arrested Enver Hoti from the Initiative for Kosovo Party. Hoti is the sixth
9 opposition MPs expelled after clashes in the Parliament Opposition in Kosovo threw again tear gas in the Parliament today, despite the heavy security measures at the entrance o
New president of Kosovo to be elected soon Speaker of the Parliament, Kadri Veseli said that the next president of the country will be elected soon, not wanting to
Haradinaj asked for the Parliament to be dissolved AFK leader Ramush Haradinaj after meeting with the party leaders of Kosovo with the request of President Atifete Jahjaga
Ban Ki-moon's report: Opposition parties must put an end to violence The latest report on Kosovo from the Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki Moon expressed concern about the violence of th
Sane hedh sytë te Barça Lorey Sane ka thënë se dëshiron të transferohet te Barcelona. Sipas “Bild” thuhet se talenti i Schalkes është në radarin
Nishani: Early elections, not the end of the world President Nishani says that early elections are not the end of the world. At a time when the opposition has raised the d
Tough days ahead, the opposition won't stop protesting Opposition in Kosovo won't stop until Mustafa and Thaci leave, for violating the Constitution of the country. The agreem