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Basha with the IMF: Albania is endangered by drugs and corruption Leader of the Albanian opposition Lulzim Basha, met today the head of the IMF Anita Tuladhar, and the representative of
"Vetting" draft not voted by the opposition MPs The Special Commission of the Justice Reform approved today the vetting law, for verifying the integrity of judges and p
Meta and Basha agree on the Vetting Law The press office of the Speaker of the Parliament, Ilir Meta delivered a press release about his meeting with the opposi
Meta: We must work for the future Speaker of the Parliament Ilir Meta sent a strong political message to the Albanian majority and the opposition. He aske
Basha says they will not block the reform After the meeting of the parliamentary group, the Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, said that after the new proposi
Decisions over Cako and Roshi leave Basha shocked After the Court of Appeal returned to his duty the director general of the State Police, Haki Cako and the court ruled t
Rama makes Basha another concession To achieve a compromise regarding the justice reform, PM Edi Rama came up with a new proposal, but underlined the red li
Tense situation in the Parliament as DP asks the suspension of Rama At today's plenary session, Prime Minister Edi Rama called those who suspended the Chief of Police "thugs" and "killers
US disappointed, the government showed flexibility when the opposition did not The United States Embassy expresses its disappointment that the June 6 meeting between Prime Minister Rama and Oppositio
US increases pressure on the opposition over the Justice Reform It remains to be seen what results will bring Monday's meeting between Rama and Basha scheduled to take place at 17:00 a
Haradinaj says the government is the biggest risk for Kosovo Opposition in Kosovo is protesting today against the government by saying that it poses a danger to the country and so d
DP's official stand regarding the justice reform The Democratic Party has published today the final statement for the Special Commission of the Justice Reform, explainin
Berisha and Lu discuss the justice reform Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha held a meeting with the US Ambassador in Tirana, Donald Lu, after he and the EU ambas
Opposition parties in Kosovo go different ways Leader of the Self-Determination Movement, Visar Ymeri said that parties of the opposition are now divided. Acccordi
Rosberg në "pole positions", zhgënjen sërish Ferrari (FOTO) Nico Rosberg, në një ditë jo shumë me fat për Mercedes arriti t'u rrëmbente i vetëm 'pole position' në Kinë. Hamilton, p
The majority and the opposition agree on anti-corruption The parliamentary commission over the justice reform resumed its work after three weeks. Democrat MP Eduard Halimi left
Gruevski: There will be elections, the opposition is afraid of losing "The opposition does not participate in the elections because they know they would lose." VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruev
Rama says the DP is against the justice reform In the least meeting of the SP Parliamentary Group, the head of the party, Edi Rama accused the opposition of blocking t
Hahn: Much work remains to be done in EU integration During the dialogue table with the European Union, Prime Minister Rama said that "integration is a common goal of the op
The majority approves all laws without the opposition The majority voted today all the drafts, by "ignoring" the opposition which blocked the Parliament, asking to send the t