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"Die Presse": Kosovo to enjoy visa liberalization Austrian newspaper "Die Presse" warns that the aspiration of Kosovars to travel freely in the Schengen area seem to be n
Kumbaro: Kosovo deserves to be part of UNESCO Albanian Minister of Culture, Mirela Kumbaro, said today at the General Conference of UNESCO in Paris, that Kosovo deser
Hahn: Blocking the Parliament's work harms Kosovo's path towards EU European Union Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, Johannes Hahn stated that whe
Kosovo in UNESCO, Lunacek does not understand Serbia's stand "The Serbian cultural and religious heritage in Kosovo can be best protected if Kosovo becomes part of UNESCO, while the
Ja 30 intelektualët botërorë që përkrahin anëtarësimin e Kosovës në UNESCO Zëvendëskryeminstri dhe ministri i Jashtëm, Hashim Thaçi, ka bërë me dije nëpërmjet Facebook-ut se, ka marrë përkrahjen
Dacic says Serbia does not need Kosovo's help D-day for Serbian cultural heritage in Kosovo most likely will be November 9th, when the General Conference of UNESCO wh
Zbogar explains what Kosovo benefits from SAA agreement Special Representative of the European Union in Kosovo, Samuel Zbogar said that SAA brings new obligations, especially i
Kosovo's parliament ratifies SAA Parliament of Kosovo adopted with 86 votes in favor, none against and no abstentions, the draft law on ratification of t
Bushati comments on "Zajednica" On behalf of the Albanian government, Foreign Minister Bushati, reacted about the situation in the Kosovo Parliament, af
Kosovo signs SAA with EU Kosovo signed the stabilization and association agreement with the European Union, a milestone expected to promote econo
Kosovo part of UNESCO, Serbia disappointed by Montenegro and Macedonia "I'm disappointed by the attitude of Montenegro and Macedonia, who voted in favor of Kosovo's admission to UNESCO". This
UNESCO adopts resolution on Kosovo UPDATE: The Executive Council of Unesco has adopted a resolution on Kosovo's admission to UNESCO, Albeu.com reports. 27
US Embassy: Opposition must avoid violence threats Embassy of the United States in Pristina has supported the efforts of President Atifete Jahjaga to resolve the stalemate
Rama: We will complete interconnection with Kosovo The Albanian government analyzed today the 1-year operation against theft of electricity. Prime Minister Edi Rama said t
German Ambassador to Belgrade: Serbia won't be asked to recognize Kosovo No new conditions for Serbia's EU integration path and the country will not be forced to accept the independence of Koso
Vucic: No one has asked me to recognize Kosovo Prime minister of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic stated that during his term only two states have recognized Kosovo's independ
Serbia must learn to live without Kosovo President of the Serbian Renewal Movement, Vuk Draskovic, said that Serbian citizens should be told what their country w
Thaci: Kosovo, an example of how a democratic country is build Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci said that his country is an example of overcoming the
Opposition in Kosovo uses tear gas again to disrupt the Parliament The opposition lawmakers angry at Kosovo's recent agreements with Serbia and Montenegro set off tear gas in Parliament o
Serbian tells Serbia to recognize Kosovo President of Serbia's Liberal Democratic Party, Cedomir Jovanovic, said that without resolving the issue of Kosovo, ther