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A chance for dialogue, Mustafa invites opposition parties to discuss Opposition parties in Kosovo meet to discuss Mustafa's invitation to negotiate. The meeting is being held at the headqua
Mustafa is ready to dialogue with the opposition At today's meeting of the government Prime Minister Isa Mustafa commented on the yesterday's meeting with the US Secreta
Kerry in Kosovo: Violence is not acceptable US Secretary of State John Kerry after meeting with Kosovo officials, gave a clear message regarding developments in our
Zbogar: Serbia-Kosovo dialogue, must be more transparent The head of the European Union office in Kosovo, Samuel Zbogar, said today that the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia h
Parliament of Kosovo excludes most of the opposition MP-es Just two days after the police forces arrested Albin Kurti and several other people, the opposition in Kosovo used again
Bushati concerned about political situation in Kosovo Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati, reacted regarding events in Kosovo Parliament. In a posting on the social network Faceb
Police forces arrest Albin Kurti Kosovo Police arrested the former leader of the Self-Determination Movement and actual MP, Albin Kurti. He was in his of
Serbia will have to recognize Kosovo eventually Shortly before joining the European Union, Serbia will be forced to accept the independence of Kosovo. In an interview t
Majko: Kosovo should not behave like Albania when it comes to politics Albania's former prime minister and current MP of the Socialist Party, Pandeli Mjako and Speaker of the Parliament, Kadr
Risk of terrorism, Kosovo leads the Balkans Kosovo is listed along non-peaceful countries in the Balkans, but the bad news is that it also ranks as one of the count
Hill: EU not being constructive towards Kosovo The Dean of the International University of Denver, Christopher Hill, who once took part in the peace talks in Rambouill
World Bank gives Kosovo $ 11 million to improve education Finance Minister Avdullah Hoti along with the director of the World Bank's office in Kosovo, Jan Peter Olsen have signed
Change of plans, opposition in Kosovo won't protest until November 28th And while the opposition in Kosovo, changed tactics and said that there will be no protests until November 28th, it also
Huge protests, Kosovo opposition MP arrested Police in Kosovo explained why they did not arrest opposition MP Albin Kurti, who has led a series of protests in parlia
King Abdullah warns of a third World War Jordan's King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein, said in a press conference during his visit in Kosovo that he is happy with th
2 Kosovo Albanians among those injured in Paris Among the persons injured in last night's terrorist attacks in Paris, are also two Albanians from Kosovo. According to s
Vucic: We won't talk about UNESCO in Brussels In an interview with the Russian magazine "Sputnjik", the Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said that in Brussels
Kosovo Albanian among terrorists arrested in Europe The Italian police, along with other police forces in Europe, has arrested 17 people, suspected of creating a terrorist
Hahn: Kosovo as a new state, has much work to do Commissioner Johannes Hahn during a video-link in the Conference Center of the EU in Pristina on the occasion of the pub
UNESCO's decision not related with the independence of Kosovo The US Embassy in reacted after the UNESCO General Conference failed to admit Kosovo as a member country. It says th