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Opposition in Kosovo: The government must leave Opposition parties in Kosovo the Self-Determination Movement, AFK and Initiative for Kosovo said that the agreement rega
Thaci: Agreements, just a pretext to ask for new elections First Deputy Prime Minister, also minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, met his Italian c
The Constitutional Court on the Association: In accordance with the Constitution of Kosovo The Constitutional Court has ruled on the constitutionality of the Agreement on the formation of the Association of Serb
Blushi: Kurti is a martyr, not a politician Socialist Party MP and writer Ben Blushi is visiting Kosovo where he commented on the difference between Albania and Kos
Rama: Palestine, the reason Israel does not recognize Kosovo PM Edi Rama during his stay in Israel, did not mention Kosovo, but in his interviews said that Israel does not recognize
Ymeri: Thaci and Mustafa are selling parts of Kosovo The head of the Self-Determination Movement, Visar Ymeri said that Hashim Thaci and Isa Mustafa are selling Kosovo's we
Rama: The isolation of Kosovo must end In the last meeting for this year with ambassadors in our country, PM Edi Rama also spoke about Kosovo, saying that the
Djuric: We can use the chaos in Kosovo, to become stronger The Head of the Office for Kosovo in the Serbian government, Marko Djuric, said that Kosovo Albanian politicians are in
EC: Meet 8 criteria, for a visa liberalization in January Commissioner for Home Affairs, Dimitris Avramopoulos, has published a report on visa liberalization for Kosovo. He indic
Kosovo won't enjoy visa liberalization in 2016 Citizens' expectations that the EU will reward Kosovo with visa liberalization as a result of dialogue with Serbia have
Jahjaga's advices to political parties in Kosovo In her speech in the Parliament, President Atifete Jahjaga urged political parties to sit and talk about the future of t
Haradinaj: Serbia won't return to Kosovo President of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, said during a rally in the city of Peja that they
Kosovo's Parliament blocked again, Mustafa and Thaci meet Jahjaga The opposition MP's in Kosovo have caused trouble again, by throwing tear gas, in today's plenary sitting. The speaker o
The truth about Meta's visit to Kosovo Speaker of the Parliament of Albania, Ilir Meta, managed to convince the opposition leaders in Kosovo that violence is n
US Ambassador says Kosovo must fight corruption US Ambassador Greg Delawie criticized the justice authorities regarding the fight against corruption. He said at the
Nikolic: We won't give up on Kosovo for Europe The Serbian president, Tomislav Nikolic, in an interview for "FoNet", spoke about what he calls "the problem of Kosovo".
What Rama says for Serbia, Kosovo and Greater Albania Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, in an interview to the German newspaper "Der Freitag", spoke among other things abo
Two other MPs of the opposition arrested The court has ruled to keep in prison for 30 days the Self-Determination Movement MP, Albulena Haxhiu. "Kosovo is turnin
Jahjaga meets opposition leaders and Mustafa President Atifete Jahjaga met today with leaders of the opposition parties, Visar Ymeri, Ramush Haradinaj and Fatmir Lim
Meta in Kosovo to meet leaders of the opposition Speaker of the Parliament of Albania, Ilir Meta, met with with leaders of three opposition parties in Kosovo. The fir