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Near unanimous rejection of Kosovo institutions 99.74 percent of residents who turned out to vote in four municipalities in northern Kosovo voted against accepting the
Ombudsman meets Arvizu The Ombudsman's Institution should carry out its duty independently and without being politically influenced by any part
Spahiu responses: KLSH, the only authority auditing the institutions independents Shortly after the head of the inquiry commission Spahiu, deputy of PD, Enkelejd Alibeaj, suggested that he has not retur
Partitë shqiptare nuk reagojnë për temën e kufijve Partitë shqiptare në Maqedoni BDI, PDSH dhe RDK, nuk kanë komentuar sot vlerësimet e Institutit gjerman SËP, ku thotë se
SEEMO Reminds European Institutions that Hungary’s Public Broadcasters Violate European Principles The 2010 overhaul of Hungary’s media laws set a dangerous precedent in Europe. Instead of guaranteeing press freedom in
Maqedonasit dhe serbët - vëllezër në gjene? Maqedonasit janë më të ngjashëm me serbët dhe bullgarët, popullsia e Kroacisë ka profil më të ngjashëm me popullsinë në
Nishani: State Police, high level of professionalism Interior Minister Bujar Nishani, commended on Thursday the State Police high level of professionalism in defending insti
Berisha: Govt. will not administer more than 10 % of forests PM Sali Berisha stated today at a meeting with the participation of representatives of the ministries and institutions c
Halimi made full analyses of the performance of his institution Minister of Justice, Eduart Halimi made Thursday a full analysis of the performance of his institution for 2011, where u
Malaj: New President, should ensures solution about the institutional crisis While the debate about the new President on Socialist Party, is concentrated in the contest what the process will be cho
N. Kosovo town to hold referendum Feb. 15 Leposavic municipal assembly decided on Wednesday to hold a referendum on Kosovo institutions on February 15. The quest
Bogdanovic: Institutions in Kosovo must be preserved Minister for Kosovo Goran Bogdanovic has said that in 2012, "everything must be done to preserve Serbian institutions in
Nishani: Fight against crime in all its forms Fight against crime in all its forms, one of the main recommendations of the EC's progress report, remains the main obje
LSI: Institutions to provide the flux of immigrants during the holidays Socialist Movement for Integration, today asket to the institutions taking measures to expedite services for emigrants r
Official urges "accepting of institutions in north" Ministry for Kosovo State Secretary Oliver Ivanovic says it will be "hard to remove parallel institutions in Kosovo". "
Krimet e luftës, duhet më shumë hulumtim Instituti për Hulumtimin e Krimeve të Luftës do të hulumtojë krimet e kryera në Kosovë në vitet 1998 dhe 1999. Në ko
Opozita do t’i fitojë zgjedhjet 2013? Sipas së përditshmes Utrinski Vesnik, që thirret në hulumtimin e Institutit "Progres", Qeveria do të mbetet e përkushtua
Topi welcomes the re-establishment of political and institutional dialogue President of the Republic Bamir Topi welcomed on Tuesday the re-establishment of political and institutional dialogue in
Stefanovic: Parallel institutions could only be abolished by force Belgrade team chief Borislav Stefanovic voiced belief that the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue could be continued soon. He
Berisha: Majority engaged in a process of reforms "Majority is engaged in a process of reforms and continuous consolidation of the institutions of the country”, said Prim