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Berisha: Freedom of speech, is inviolable Prime Minister, Sali Berisha, said today that the commitment of the majority is that freedom of speech to be an inviolab
SEEMO: 2011 Overview of Press Freedom Violations in South, East and Central Europe In 2011, the Vienna-based South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO), an affiliate of the International Press Institut
Drews: KFOR isn’t Pristina’s transportation company KFOR is not an agency for transportation of Pristina police officers, KFOR Commander Erhard Drews has said. He told Fra
Tahiri: Serbia halting freedom of movement Kosovo Deputy PM and Pristina team head Edita Tahiri believes Serbia is creating unnecessary problems in implementation
KFOR doesn't want to move freely without EULEX NATO troops in Kosovo, KFOR, will not use their right to freedom of movement in the province "until other international
KFOR seeks unconditional freedom of movement KFOR demands unconditional freedom of movement for its troops, EULEX members, other institutions and citizens, says KFOR
EULEX: Everybody will benefit from freedom of movement Freedom of movement should be restored immediately by removing the roadblocks at administrative checkpoints, EULEX state
KFOR Commander: If Serbs don’t remove barricades we will If citizens do not remove barricades from northern Kosovo roads during the weekend KFOR will do it peacefully on Monday,
AI: Gruevski must not "kill" the media The Macedonian government is trying to put pressure on the media, so it will be ilent. This was the conclusion reached b
"Kosovo with immature democracy" Freedom House has published a report which assesses that Kosovo remains an immature democracy. According to the evaluati
Ivanov: Macedonia, a model of religious freedom Macedonian President, George Ivanov, during his speech in the conference "Facing tomorrow 2011" being held in Jerusalem,
McIlwham: Freedom of media is the pillar of democracy British Ambassador to Albania, Fiona McIlwham, through a press statement, demanded professionalism and honesty from medi
Tunisia forms national unity government Tunisia has formed a national unity government, the country's prime minister has announced, days after a popular revolt
Freedom of speech, targeted by the government The journalism in Macedonia is said that continues to operate under pressure of the political parties, depending on thei
"Freedom House": Shqiperia ka ende shume per te bere Shqipëria ende shumë punë për të bërë. Kështu thuhet në raportin vjetor t&e
Freedom House: Korrupsioni i perhapur ne Shqiperi Organizata për mbrojtjen e Shtypit, Freedom House, bëri publik sot raportin për lirinë e shtypit p&e
Freedom House: Shqipëria e 107-a, Maqedonia e 105-ta Shqipëria është përcaktuar te vendet me nivelin e medias “pjesërisht të lira” nga organizata amerikane për nxitjen e dem
"Freedom House" e klasifikon Kosovën si vend me status politik jo të lirë Organizata "Freedom House", me qendër në Shtetet e Bashkuara, publikoi vëzhgimin e saj mbi gjendjen e lirisë në botë gja
Freedom House: Media ne Shqiperi nen presionin e qeverise dhe partive Per sa i perket Shqiperise ajo eshte klasifikuar ne grupin e vendeve me nje shtyp pjeserisht te lire dhe nga vendi i 105