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Supreme Court sets free Doshi and Frroku The Supreme Court decided to free from prison both MP-es Tom Doshi and Mark Frroku, accused for false testimony and inti
Kosovo might enjoy visa free regime this year First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hashim Thaci said that Kosovo was confirmed as a promoter o
Guards who tortured Ilia Kareli are set free Six other guards, who were kept in prison for beating up Ilia Karelin, are now set free on parole. The decision was take
22 Albanians arrested in a freezer truck French police arrested 22 Albanians from Albania and Kosovo in a freezer truck. The driver, a man from Romania and his w
Thaci discusses visa free regime in Berlin Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, is conducting a two-day o
Hoxha asks the Supreme Court to be set free Nephew of former dictator Enver Hoxha has asked the Supreme Court to set him free. Ermal Hoxha, a suspected member of th
Media Freedom in Albania improves Albania has marked some improvement in terms of media freedom. According to the Press Freedom Index of Reporters Without
Freezing temperatures and snow in the coming days If you think cold weather is gone, wait till Monday, as the country will suffer temperatures below 12 degree Celsius in
Freedom House: Macedonia has no free speech Macedonia is in the dark when it comes to information freedom and free speech. This is confirmed in the Freedom House's
Freedom House: Në Maqedoni nuk ka liri të shprehjes Maqedonia gjendet gati në terr informativ dhe nuk ka liri të shprehjes së mendimit të lirë. Kjo konfirmohet në raportin
Freedom House: Albania, a partially free country Freedom House published the annual report of freedom, and Albania is ranked as a partially free country. While Kosovo ha
Freedom House: Kosova, pjesërisht e lirë Kosova është radhitur si pjesërisht e lirë për vitin 2014, në raportin e fundit të organizatës Freedom House, të publiku
Freedom House: Shqipëria vend pjesërisht i lirë Freedom House publikoi raportin vjetor të lirisë, duke bërë që Shqipëria të renditet në kategorinë e vendeve pjesërisht
Kulla: Islamophobia does not bring more freedom and democracy The French satirical magazine "Charlie Hebdo", the target of a terrorist attack on January 7th, hit the market with its
"Reporters Without Borders", 2014 report looks bad for Macedonia Macedonia looses 7 places when it comes to press freedom in 2014. According to the Index of the organization "Reporters
Albanian emigrant in Hungary freezes to death A Kosovo Albanian has died as he froze because of the cold and low temperatures immediately after crossing the border wi
Lawyer who threatened Rama gains freedom Having spent two weeks in custody, the lawyer who threatened Prime Minister Rama with messages gained his freedom today.
Serbian Ambassador honors those who died for freedom in Albania Among many personalities that have honored the fallen martyrs for freedom in World War II there was also present Serbian
Basha congratulates Albanians on 102nd anniversary of Independence On the occasion of the 102nd anniversary of Independence of Albania, head of the Democratic Party Basha paid homage to t
Berisha: Albania risks visa-free regime During a conversation with journalists, former Prime Minister Berisha declared that the 2015 budget risks to plunge Alba